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  • Project of the month - April 2021
    Old and new, tradition and innovation come together in Haus Salzkammergut
    Haus Salzkammergut has created a new workplace for clients, entrepreneurs and employees. They want people to meet each other at a modern location with plenty of room for social interaction. Rubio Monocoat Central Europe has also contributed to this great project. The building was completely overhauled and the exterior facade was given a Rubio look. Read more
  • Project of the month - February 2021
    Revamp your kitchen with Rubio Monocoat
    Do you want to use Rubio Monocoat in your kitchen? Excellent choice! And proof of that is our project of the month February; the stunning project of Karolina Zagrodzka of House Loves. The modern, warm look of this kitchen makes you want to jump up and start cooking, or organise a fun aperitif with friends or family. Read more
  • Project of the month - January 2021
    James Ensor House restored using Rubio Monocoat
    In Ostend (Belgium), 2020 was dominated by the artist James Ensor. Almost immediately after his death in 1949, his house was turned into a museum, but it wasn’t until 2020 that it was restored to the full glory of its original state. By integrating the adjoining building into the museum, the city has been able to create a fully-fledged visitor centre. Parket De Pauw was responsible for restoring the wooden floors and stairs, and they had no hesitation in choosing Rubio Monocoat for the job. Read more
  • Project of the month - December 2020
    Here’s how to integrate art in your interior with Rubio Monocoat
    Do you feel that something is lacking in your interior? Give your interior that extra touch with an inspiring artwork on your wall or in the room. When going for art, you need to think carefully about what kind of artwork you want to integrate in your interior.  Read more
  • Project of the month - November 2020
    Nature as an inspiration source for your home
    This beautiful house in Western Latvia definitely deserves a spot on our ‘houses of our dreams’ list. From the first site visit, the owners knew that nature was going to play a major role in the design of their home. They opted for a sleek look for both the exterior and the interior of the house. Read more
  • Project of the month - October 2020
    Rubio Monocoat as the ideal partner for your interior and exterior wood
    In Belgium we are enjoying the last summer sun and experiencing the first autumn jitters. And if you’re lucky, you can do so in your own garden. And at night, you can get cozy inside. Like the owners of this house do, they love being both outdoors and indoors. The woodwork in the garden and in the interior were treated with Rubio Monocoat oil. Are you curious about the result? We love it! Read more
  • Project of the month - September 2020
    Away from all the noise in an ultra-modern chalet
    Have you always dreamed of living in the middle of the woods? The owners of this house were lucky because they were able to build a modern chalet located in the beautiful landscape of "Křivoklát Woods", not far away from Prague. Read more
  • Is Rubio Monocoat oil a food safe wood finish?
    Is Rubio Monocoat oil a food safe wood finish?
    Summer holidays are almost over! Time to enjoy the last summer aperitifs and cozy BBQ's in the sun. During the summer holiday period we at Rubio Monocoat received a lot of the same questions in our mailbox: "Is your oil food safe? And can I serve appetizers on my wooden cutting board? And is this hygienic?" Fortunately, Rubio Monocoat has a solution for everything.

      Read more
  • Project of the month - August 2020
    Turn your bathroom into a real eye-catcher
    Taking a bath, showering, brushing your teeth or simply taking a moment for yourself, it’s all happening in the bathroom. It’s an indispensable room in your home, but this room is often forgotten when you start decorating the interior. Does your bathroom need a makeover? Then be inspired by this breathtaking example. Read more
  • Project of the month - July 2020
    House renovation: how to restore authentic floors to look new again
    Are you renovating your home, but do you have no idea how to bring your wooden floors back to life? Rubio Monocoat has an extensive range of products and colours to help you out. Read more
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